The Art of Spiritual Conversation: We do ourselves a great disservice in the church when we do not teach the art of spiritual conversation. Talking about spiritual things cannot be something that is relegated to pastors. The language of Christianity cannot be something that is merely sung in worship songs and uttered in ancient liturgical sayings. When people’s primary experience in the church is that of being passive recipients, then […]

The weekend awaits filled with the hope of finally being in our house. Yes, our house. What a strange thought. The anticipation of beginning our life in this simple place has been building for weeks. Too long I’ve moved from one borrowed space to the next. Yet, as we move into our own house there is still a sense of otherness. The kitchen is not our kitchen. The shower is […]

Lord God you are the giver of light and life. You are the healer the lover and the protector of our souls. You are the bright and morning star. The great light that outshines all others. You are the way the truth and the life. You are the beginning and the end. The creator and the sustainer. The bringer of peace. The destroyer of chaos and the sculptor of beauty. […]

I am now working as the director of student ministries at an amazing church in Lancaster, PA.  Shortly after my arrival I was informed of the age old tradition of painting the church windows that face out onto Orange Street that runs into the heart of the city. The janitor took me down into the walk-in safe tucked away in the bowels of the church. There, from amongst the piles […]

This afternoon Samuel and I went on a walk while Ali took a much-needed nap. All bundled up and armed with Sophie, the world’s most famous rubber giraffe, in one pocket and a pacifier in the other, we strolled out into the crisp Fall afternoon. I tried to explain to Samuel why the leaves on the trees were all changing colors, but he seemed more interested in chewing on the […]

What if Jesus stuttered? This idea came up in the middle of a conversation I was having the other day and has really messed with the comfortable picture of Jesus I have cultivated over the years from Sunday school lessons, sermons, and numerous movies on the life of Jesus. In church, no one ever reads Scripture out loud with a stutter or a stammer. Sure people miss a word here […]