I grew up overseas as a missionary kid and returned to the US for college as a naive 18 year-old. I quickly learned that my best bet to make friends and keep them was to try and hide my quirky missionariness. In spite of attempting to cleanse myself of being a missionary, I could not remove this part of my identity. I was, and always would see the world through […]

Last night I did the prayer labyrinth at our church with a group of about 15 Jr and Sr high students. All the chairs were packed up from our usual Sunday morning worship space unveiling the labyrinth that hides beneath our feet week in and week out. As we removed our shoes that well-worn carpet became to us sacred space. The labyrinth was ringed with small candles shimmering in the […]

This year for Lent I am giving up my phone on Fridays. I’ve felt distracted recently and thought taking my phone away would provide a great opportunity to cut myself off from the larger world and focus on the people and things right in front of me. This past Friday was my first attempt at ditching my phone, creating 24 hours of cellular silence. No easing into it, I just went cold […]

First of all, yes I watch the bachelor. No, I do not watch it by myself. My wife and I watch it as a comedy. I’m not sure if that’s what it’s supposed to be or not, but I’m not entirely sure how you can take the show seriously, especially if you do a little research about how few of the couples actually end up happily married for any length […]

My nearly two year old son, Samuel, calls my parents Bibi and Babu, which means grandma and grandpa in Swahili. Having them home on furlough for the past few months has been an indescribable joy.  That is why when my dad left for Africa a little over a week ago for a 3-week stint abroad I began the mourning process for when both Bibi and Babu will leave for 3 […]

I was doing an activity with my Confirmation students recently that has stuck with me. In the activity I spread a bunch of pictures of Jesus around the room and told students to pick one image they connected with and one image they did not connect with. Then as a group we went around the circle and began to share about the pictures we’d chosen. One of the boys held […]