My name is Simeon Harrar and I am a sojourner. I was born in the South Pacific and spent most of my life on the move before I came to America to go to college. The first week of classes I evacuated the men’s dorm by burning Ramen noodles in the microwave. Who knew you were supposed to add water! It didn’t take me long to realize that my upbringing was a little unusual. As a world traveler I have been given a unique perspective on life and a whole lot of crazy stories.

During college I wrote my first book, hit a much needed second growth spurt, and played a ton of tennis. I graduated a new man with the world as my oyster, and armed with my highly coveted philosophy degree I managed to get a job in retail, and then upgraded to working in a phone bank. I forgot to mention that I also moved back in with my parents and helped take care of my mom as she went through chemo. This was not exactly how I’d imagined my life, but don’t worry–the story gets better!

I met a beautiful woman, we fell in love, and … I moved to Thailand to work with impoverished families ensnared in human trafficking. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? When I came home I put a ring on her and married her.

My wife and I now live in Pittsburgh where I am a full-time student and an aspiring author. I am passionate about helping the American Church embrace its missional calling, engage in intentional cross-cultural community, and learn the healing and transforming power of storytelling. I plan to work as a bi-vocational church planter once I finish school.