Finding Tom

A Novel...


I walked into Barnes and Nobles and looked at the miniscule Christian Fiction section. Almost every book available was about the Amish or a sappy romance novel. As a Christian and a lover of fiction who grew up reading C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton and Tolkien I was crushed. Is this what Christian fiction has been reduced to? Where have the Christian storytellers gone? I hope that Finding Tom will be a breath of fresh air for those of you who are like me and love stories but also want depth and literary merit. If you’re intrigued just keep reading!

Book Overview:

In a small Southern town Tom Weston ran outside with tears streaming down his face in the middle of the night. He collapsed in a heap on the red earth. She couldn’t be gone. He wasn’t ready to say goodbye. He closed his eyes and saw again the stiff corpse laying in the bed upstairs. This was not a dream.

A tale of grief, faith, and hope, Finding Tom follows the life of teenager Tom Weston as he strives to make sense of his shattered world. Given an opportunity to escape Podunk Greenwood and his past, he finds himself at the gates of the highly prestigious Locklear University. With the comical Dr. Emory as his friend and mentor, Tom struggles to survive in this strange new world ruled by the despicable dean of students. Tom and wealthy roommate, Charles Montgomery, are fatefully paired to tackle the pressures of school, family, and their impending futures as they join a mysterious secret society together.

Author’s Notes:

Thank you for taking time to read about Finding Tom. I’ve wanted to be an author since I was a little boy. It’s so exciting to see all of my dreaming and writing finally take shape into this book. While the actual writing and editing process for Finding Tom took about two years, I realize that my  journey as a serious writer started roughly 10 years ago when I started keeping a journal and doing free writes. There’s something about writing for me that is sacred. Writing is how I make sense of the world. My father is a painter and I can barely draw a stick figure, and then somewhere along the way I realized that I, too, am an artist. I paint with words. I hope that Finding Tom sparks your interest and that as you read it you are both challenged and moved by the characters you meet and the places you go. God bless!

Global Misfit

A series of autobiographical short stories...


I am a man without a home, yet with a hundred doors always open wide to me. I am a sojourner, both addicted to the road and tired of always being on the move. I have an American passport, but this is not my true home. I speak several languages, but I’m often at a loss for words in all of them.Global Misfit: My Life as a Missionary Kid explores the blessings and curses of growing up as a third culture kid.

Filled with a variety of stories from the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the jellyfish covered beaches of Senegal, this collection of short stories listens to the beat of converging cultural identities. I hope you will laugh and cry at my family’s humorous attempts to find a synthesis of these different cultures. Somewhere along the way, may you come to understand a little more clearly what it was like growing up between worlds.