My Speaking Page:

Finding high quality speakers can be a daunting task. During my time working in ministry I have been responsible for planning and leading all different types of church events from Sunday school classes, to youth retreats, to missions talks. I realize both as a speaker and as a planner that finding just the right speaker is critical for the success of an event, so my goal for this page is to give you easy access to the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

Thank you for taking time to consider me as your next speaker! Please see a sample video below…

What You Can Expect

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  1. Prompt, professional responses to your phone calls and email messages.
  2. Personal communication about the dynamics of your community so I can best serve you.
  3. A professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation tailored for your community.
  4. A quick debrief after the event, to make sure I met your expectations. (I also want to hear your thoughts and ideas for how I can improve.)

A Little About Me

I grew up as a missionary kid in Papua New Guinea and have been blessed with the opportunity to experience the global Church first hand. This background has greatly informed my passion for multicultural communities, church revitalization/planting and empowering young adults to be world changers.

During College I spoke in numerous church and schools about my experiences growing up overseas and the need for contextualized mission and greater partnership between the American and the global Church.

After graduating I served as the keynote speaker for Wycliffe Associate’s 6 week banquet tour and have been the lead speaker at a number of church youth retreats and mission events. I spent 4 months living amongst the poor in Bangkok, Thailand working with children in the slums and families trapped in the human trafficking industry. I have shared about this experience at prominent churches including First Presbyterian Church of Lancaster and First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem.

I recently published my first book, Finding Tom, and have used the book as the basis for an interactive program. I use snippets of the story to help congregations think more broadly about what it means to be the Church in our contemporary American culture. Due to my extensive work in youth ministry I focus on how church is impacting young adults today and what that means for the future of the Church.

Top Speaking Topics

1. Missions– Using my experiences as a missionary kid, I discuss both local and international missions and their role  in the life of the church.

2. Finding Tom– I use my recent book to show the power of narrative and ask hard hitting questions about what it means to be church in our contemporary American context.

3. New Church Development/Church Planting– I tackle the issue of church planting and why it is important for the mainline church in America today.

4. Youth and Discipleship– How do we keep from boring our young people with the gospel so they don’t walk away from the church and never come back? I talk about the significance of youth ministry that goes beyond just programs and look at what it means to cultivate life-long disciples of Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for taking time to consider me. Please contact me at or 717-368-7153 to check my availability. I look forward to being in touch.