Finding Tom just hit the market. Here are some reviews from the first round of readers!

1. I was drawn into the complexities of this first novel for Mr. Harrar. Finding Tom takes us back in time to a young man who learns to grieve the loss of his mother and learns about himself in the process. Rich description of both characters and setting bring the compelling plot to life as readers are pulled into Tom’s struggles and growth as a young man. Secret societies, an ancient university overgrown with ivy, and, most importantly, young love – all of these elements make this a believable and enjoyable read. Highly recommended for all!  – Dr. Timothy Shea

2. This delightful book takes you on the road of a young man trying to find his “true self” while living in a situation that is totally foreign to him. The story flows beautifully and the author easily takes you from one page to the next, leaving the reader with the desire to find where Tom will be next….how will he handle the new and confusing things he encounters…how does he deal with the inner conflicts he battles….will he be able to come to grips with the spiritual questions he tackles along the way….will he, in fact, find Tom….the REAL Tom? Through the beautiful prose and incredibly descriptive background, you will find yourself transported to a long-gone time and place of innocence and self-discovery. I highly recommend this lovely book.  – Theresa Turner

3. This was a wonderful story, delicately told, about a young man trying to find himself after the death of his mother at a boy’s most vulnerable age. Tom tries to make sense of a world where wealth buys undeserved privilege and poverty is a “condition” that implies laziness and ignorance. God can seem aloof and uninterested in our small affairs to a young person who has to face tragedy too soon, but Simeon Harrar tells the tale of Tom with a sensitivity that seems beyond his years. I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful read!  – Donna Trainum

4. After searching my shelves for a light read to take to the beach, I settled on a newly acquired book by freshman author, Simeon Harrar. Without knowing the synopsis ahead of time, I found myself enraptured by the deep themes of loss and yearning mixed with the lighthearted infusion of secretive collegiate societies. Harrar’s talent for descriptions that have tremendous breadth and depth is impressive given the fact that the book is his writing debut. I highly recommend the book to anyone looking for a touching yet playful read. I look forward to more from this author!  – Alex Jones

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